With the world at the threshold of the biggest economical breakdown in history, people have been craving to hear music that soothes their frustrations with songs and artists that they can relate too. American born Hip Hop Artist Rick Rhyme narrates the perfect setting with a vibe full of nostalgia. Given nothing but criticism and doubts Rick compromised the artist aspect of music to focus on engineering, mixing and mastering. After years of different studio sessions in different studios across the nation Rhyme was ready to apply all he learned to all he knew! Attending the AES (Audio Engineering Seminar) 4 years straight and being around world renowned engineers Ann Mincieli (Alicia Keys), Tony Smallos, Abstract (Mobb Deep) & Tim Rice (Elton John) (to name a few) gave him tools necessary to CUT THE MIDDLE MAN out and do everything HIMSELF! The "Feel Good Movement" as Rick Rhyme would like to coin it (this genre; a fusion of hip hop, soul & R&B) is a refreshing sound from an artist who possess all the skills of a 90's rapper living in this crazy & corrupt new millennium.

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Rick Rhyme - Across The Track


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