With the world at the threshold of the biggest economical breakdown in history, people have been craving to hear music that soothes their frustrations with songs and artists that they can relate too. American born Hip Hop Artist Rick Rhyme narrates the perfect setting with a vibe full of nostalgia. Given nothing but criticism and doubts Rick compromised the artist aspect of music to focus on engineering, mixing and mastering. After years of different studio sessions in different studios across the nation Rhyme was ready to apply all he learned to all he knew! Attending the AES (Audio Engineering Seminar) 4 years straight and being around world renowned engineers Ann Mincieli (Alicia Keys), Tony Smallos, Abstract (Mobb Deep) & Tim Rice (Elton John) (to name a few) gave him tools necessary to CUT THE MIDDLE MAN out and do everything HIMSELF! The "Feel Good Movement" as Rick Rhyme would like to coin it (this genre; a fusion of hip hop, soul & R&B) is a refreshing sound from an artist who possess all the skills of a 90's rapper living in this crazy & corrupt new millennium.

Undenied Revised

Rick Rhyme - Across The Track


Rick Rhyme & The Weapon

Without further or do Rick Rhyme & The Weapon Music Entertainment Group Present
"Abandoned (The Lost Sounds)"
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Ladies & Gentlemen without further or do...I present "Across The Track Volume 1 Hosted by DJ I LOVA" ENJOY!


Valentine's Day Special

Ladies (ACROSS THE WORLD) & my fellas, my Valentine's Day Gift to everyone! FREE DOWNLOAD!


Ladies & Gents I present "UNDENIED REVISED"

And I present without further or do the 2nd music video off my latest CD (LOST IN HISTORY - if you don't have a copy u can click on the link on my site emtitled "Undenied Revised"! Directed by Joe Roehn! 
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Behind the Scenes

Last time I updated ya we were in 2012 & it's LOOONNNGGG OVERDUE! New Year, NEW MATERIAL, that's what I felt was best & so I decided to share with my devoted and true fans of "THE MOVEMENT" & Rick Rhyme a "behind the scenes" look at my 2nd music video (off "Lost In History" "Undenied Revised" Directed by Joe Roehn. Filmed at Roxy Studios in L.I.C., NYC this was the perfect setting for the vision Joe and myself was trying to evoke. Roxy Studios as you all know is one of the resident studios that "The Movement Band" and myself rehearse at quite frequently. The Staff at the studio were extremely inviting and helpful with the fluidity of this visual production and I thank them tremendously.
S/O to Super Director Joe Roehn, cameraman Jimmy Rosario, Joseph Cortijo, DJ I Lova, Joe Iannotti, Matt James, Raf Zero & Glennjamin Bishop for their contributions to another classic video!
"Undenied Revised Official Music Video" drops THIS WEDNESDAY JAN 30 2013 at 9pm EXCLUSIVELY on HERE! BUT UNTIL THEN, ENJOY THE BEHIND THE SCENES FOOTAGE!  (BELOW) Enjoy!

- RR


*clears throat* ATTENTION PLEASE

It's been a hot minute since I updated ya last. A lot has gone on in my life personally but my undying commitment to Hip Hop has never redirected me from my goals. In music the "Fourth Quarter" has always been a time when critics have said this is the time for "ESTABLISHED/SIGNED ARTISTS" but I've always managed to remain relevant through this time period every year! LOST IN HISTORY has been so far a success (pick up your COPY if you don't have it by clicking on the link on the right of my page) as my band "The Movement" & myself continue promoting & performing this classic! LOST IN HISTORY II is still in motion with a Summer 2013 release in site. CAUSE AND EFFECT the highly ANTICIPATED LP with my brother/partner in music Glennjamin Bishop ( is in its major stages & a early 2013 release is expected! I couldn't leave my fans hanging though so I decided to team up with my brother DJ I LOVA & put together my UPCOMING MIXTAPE ACROSS THE TRACK VOL.1 dropping in NOVEMBER 2012!!! Stay tuned!
On another note I want to congratulate my brother in law William Orellana for his successful campaign for his highly anticipated book (in 2013) depicting the history of the Puerto Rican fight for equality by the Young Lords. Due to his successful campaign I decided to leak a song off this very mixtape! Special thanks to Glennjamin Bishop, Lee Wilson, Raf Zero & Matt James for their contributions & talent!
"A.D.D." Remix!!! Thank you for the inspiration GB!
We'll be in touch...


Lost In History II?

I believe it was after hearing the production for "The Game" (produced by Thur Deephrey) that I began the thought process for my 2nd CD. S/O to Pocho from Headbop Music for the connection cause that sparked the drive to put together this next project even though I'm dead SMACK in the middle of my collaborative CD with my protege, one of my best friends and partner in music Glennjamin Bishop. I LOVE AND LIVE FOR THE PRESSURE! I'm already 5 songs into "L.I.H. II" & already see this shaping into another classic! I brought with me back on board Producer/lead Guitarist of the Feel Good Movement Band "Guitar Hero" Raf Zero to help me paint yet another epic portrait as well as Eturnal with his sick production for "Slick Rick" & a collab with my brother DJ I Lova! A couple of new features (Zeps, Patrick Starr, Tiffany Janell & a couple of more to name a few) with some artists I respect and am A big fan of as well will grace this project. As always I thank my father (my mentor) and my bass player who has not only performed with me at various venues for the last 3 years but was also the the person responsible for the basslines on "I Have A Dream, I'm So High, You Don't Know & Me" on my latest CD (out now for sale!!! Click on the album cover on the right of this site, STOP FRONTIN ON YOURSELF ALREADY IT'S ONLY $7 BUCKS! Sheesh!) "LOST IN HISTORY"!

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